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Inside The Indy Catholic Schools LGBTQ Controversy

Coming out.

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Unspoken Rules: Indy Pride Week

Just make time for a disco nap.

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Quick Q&A With Indy Pride Director Chris Handberg

“You have a wide array of personalities who celebrate as a community. People from so many different backgrounds gather together, and for that day, become a family.”

Randy Pate. Atlas. Great Pyrenees. “I came out to bring my new pup, I just got him two weeks ago. He’s a drool box! He drools on everything. It’s part of the great pyrenees breed. It’s so funny driving down the road with the windows open, it’s like you’re getting a shower.”
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Indy Pet Pride Pics: Dogs Dressed Up!

A pug with a rainbow tail and a pit bull in a purple tutu were just a few of the sights at this year’s Indy Pet Pride at Riverside Park.