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Lily & Madeleine

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Essential Indiana Songs, Vol. 2

Songs every Hoosier should know.

Sisters, Lily and Madeleine looking angelic
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Speed Read: Lily And Madeleine

The homegrown sister act returns for a concert.

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Lily & Madeleine Talk Touring With Mellencamp

“I’ve learned that you can pretty much do anything if you keep an open mind and ask questions,” says Madeleine Jurkiewicz. “Like, Lily and I have no freaking idea how to do this massive amphitheater tour with John Mellencamp. We’ve never done something as big as this. But we just show up, and do the best work that we can possibly do, and ask questions, and that’s gotten us pretty far.”

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Lily Interviews Madeleine (And Vice Versa)

Keep It Together debuts on New West Records—their first on a major label.

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Lily & Madeleine's New Music Video Hits the Spots

Here’s a new way to tell how hipster you are: How many local places do you recognize in Lily & Madeleine’s latest clip?

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Tweets of the Week: Steak 'n Shake, IU Basketball, and More

“Get your butts to the polls,” said one tweet. Unfortunately, one member of the voting public took that a bit too literally.

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Almost Famous: Lily & Madeleine

“A lot of kids our age were doing it,” says Madeleine. “We didn’t think anything at all was going to happen. We just did it for fun.”

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Lily & Madeleine Share Their iPhone Playlists

Haunting, ethereal harmonies may be the trademark of Lily & Madeleine, but their tastes run the gamut from classic rock to the latest indie bands.

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The New Indy Must-Do List: Classic/New Musts

Jog your memory, while meeting the new issues on the block.

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Guest Stars Light Up ISO Happy Hour

You haven’t quite lived until you’ve heard Lily & Madeleine, Time for Three, and Tony Styxx take on Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.”

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Best of Indy: Arts & Culture

Discover the best of what Indy has to offer in the arts-and-culture scene with theater, books, design, and much more.

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Best of Indy: Hoosier Collaboration

The duo’s self-titled debut album stands as a testament not only to the girls’ enormous talents, but also to those of their numerous Hoosier collaborators.

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50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The CD

Gift Lily & Madeleine’s hot debut album with tickets to a local show next month.

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Lily & Madeleine: Everything You've Missed

All the Lily & Madeleine articles, tweets, quotes, and videos you might have missed since their debut album made a splash in October.

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Video: Lily & Madeleine Perform at Best of Indy Party

The sisters and their ethereal harmonies graced the Best of Indy stage on Dec. 5 for a rare local performance, and they refused to be upstaged by one of the evening’s other stars—an owl.