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March 2017

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Puppy Love: Deborah Paul On Dogs

This puppy love of mine is new. I’ve always been a cat person, eschewing canines for lacking the dignity, elegance, and artful composure of their feline counterparts.

Illustration of a red chair laying sideways on an empty basketball court. Man (Coach Knight) is shown from the back walking out of the gym.
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Throwing In The Chair: What’s Up With Bob Knight?

“I do remember that he was swearing after we went off air,” recalls one of Knight’s former ESPN broadcast crew members. “Something or other was always pissing him off.”

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Former IU Players Take A Shot At Assessing Bob Knight’s Legacy

“When you have a guy who’s a genius, a lot of people don’t understand him,” says Lawrence Funderburke. “Not to excuse anything he’s done, but he thinks differently and he sees differently.”

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Day Trip: Goose Pond Fish And Wildlife Area

You can see thousands of the water-loving sandhill cranes from a new state-of-the-art visitor’s center, which overlooks the state’s largest wetlands preserve.

Adult Space Academy
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Out Of This World: Adult Space Academy

Adult Space Academy, in “Rocket City” Huntsville, Alabama, is about as close as you can get to being an astronaut—or at least to playing one on a movie set.

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Mile High Grub

JET provides gourmet inflight fare.

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Koji Whiz

This funky filamentous fungus ramps up flavors in local restaurant dishes.

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The NCAA's Selective Support Of LGBT Rights

“It’s tough to connect the NCAA’s actions in Indiana, Houston, and North Carolina except with a simple, cynical equation: More outrage equaled more action.”

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Phil Gulley: Our Obsession with Stars

“A growing number of Americans now equate fame with expertise, so naturally believed a man who had his own reality show was qualified to lead America.”

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The Hoosierist: Can The City Make People Trim Trees?

“The Hoosierist figured he would need to chat with two or three government wonks to find a definitive answer for this one. Instead, he discovered the City of Indianapolis’s municipal code absolutely obsesses over tree maintenance.”

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Quick Q&A With Anderson Cooper

“We’ve been asked the size of various body parts—although I don’t know why I should be bashful about that, because our new president talked about it.”