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Planting My Flag

When I married into a prominent local family, I assumed it would become just a minor part of my identity. Now that my marriage has ended, I realize I was wrong.

A woman in a blue top smiles with her head slightly turned to the right.
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Quick Q&A: Lyz Lenz

“It was deeply personal for me because the political divide was what ripped my marriage apart.”

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Phil Gulley: Calendar Girl

Anniversaries may be an odd occasion to celebrate, but any reason to spend time with my wife is a good one.

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Phil Gulley: Some Marital Advice

“That Kelsea decided to get married in Danville and not Georgia makes me love her all the more, but then I always look favorably upon people who save me from driving a thousand miles.”

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Phil Gulley: The Things She'll Carry

“When my wife goes back inside for my writing table and the pendulum clock, I might have her grab my grandpa Hank’s fly fishing rod that hangs on my office wall. Plus, there’s my pocketknife collection. I sure would hate to lose those.”

Jim Buck
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The Matchbreaker: How to Lawyer a High-Dollar Divorce

“That was trial by ambush,” says Buck. “Sure, go ahead and bring in the assistant pro from the golf course, who was doing the wife in the sand traps. Just bring him in. It was all part of the game.”

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Better Together: Same-Sex Couples Who Wed This Year

Four locals—some who married before the ban was lifted, some who wed afterward—on what their big days meant to them.