Mass Ave

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Swoon List: Subito, Red The Steakhouse, And More

Loaded breakfast fries, that’s right, breakfast fries: beer-battered fries topped with gravy, eggs, shredded aged cheddar, & your choice of bacon, ham, or chorizo from Ralston’s Drafthouse (635 Massachusetts Ave., 317-493-1143). The mild chicken in green sauce taco from The Tamale Place at City Market (222 E. Market St., 317-423-2203). Subito (44 Virginia Ave., 317-220-8211) […]

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A First Look At Thaitanium

Formerly inhabited by authentic French creperie Cropichon et Bidibule, this 68-seat Mass Ave spot has shifted focus to Thai cuisine and undergone a transformation that renders it unrecognizable to regulars of its previous occupant. With its refreshed decor, Thaitanium feels more in step with the street’s modern yet quirky aesthetic. As for the food, generous […]

Ross Katz
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January Foodie: Ross Katz of Rooster's Kitchen

Ross Katz of Rooster’s Kitchen brings a taste of home to a storied location on Mass Ave.

Salt on Mass
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New Wave: A Review of Salt on Mass

It’s a stunner, for sure. Carmel’s MAWR Design wrapped this 3,000-square-foot slip of natural light in white shiplap and bleached-out stone for that luxurious Gulf Coast beach condo look that makes you want to remove your shoes at the door.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: The Mass Ave Edition

From Silver in the City to Crimson Tate, Mass Ave has a gift for everyone.

The Golden Eagle at The Libertine
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Swoon List: Pizzology, La Gloria, and More

The perfect end-of-summer thirst quencher, plus four dishes we can’t get enough of.

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Broken Beaker Distillery Launches a New Gin

Mass Ave’s Broken Beaker Distillery has launched a new Hypotenuse gin, and it’s a little fruity.

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Shoptalk: Amy Peterson’s Decorate

Mass Ave’s new store Decorate packs four exposed-brick rooms with slimmed-down pieces, nothing oversized and blocky.

ComedySportz World Championship map
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Laugh Tracking

This year’s battle for world athletic-themed-comedy domination throws down June 6 to 11 on the local troupe’s stage.

Luxury Sneaker Exchange
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Fancy Footwork: Luxury Sneaker Exchange

Former Pacer Fred Jones and Carl Bradley bring a strong sneaker game to Mass Ave with The Luxury Sneaker Exchange.

Yonder Bound
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Local Makers: Yonder Bound

“There’s just something about the act of recording. You hold it, and it’s your handwriting. It’s more personal. It’s interactive. And it becomes something you want to keep.”

Fort Harrison State Park (Photo courtesy IDNR/Outdoor Indiana magazine
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Top Five: Indy Running Routes

Whether you’re training for the Mini or just out for a light jog, these paths are hard to beat.

The Eagle
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The Eagle Has Landed on Mass Ave

It’s a gutsy move, serving fried chicken to a Hoosier audience raised on Hollyhock Hill and Gray Brothers Cafeteria, but this bird—Amish-raised on an Ohio farm before being brined and dredged in a proprietary dusting that gives the pieces a hint of delayed heat—might as well hail from a Hendricks County church pitch-in.

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Mass Market: Small Mall

Mass Ave’s mini mall reps indie vendors.

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Power Point: 3Mass Ave

At one tip of Mass Ave, a high-roller’s penthouse finally starts to attract buyers.