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Matt Hasselbeck

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Speed Read: No Dumb Luck

The tour guide. During the season, NFL players are frequent flyers with a demanding road-trip travel schedule that fans them across the country and back in a matter of days, jaunts more business than pleasure. But if Andrew Luck’s along for the road trip, you might be in for a surprise treat—a free history lesson! […]

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The Replay: Colts, Matt Hasselbeck, and Stephanie White

Backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck continues to yank the Colts back from the brink of disaster in Andrew Luck’s absence. For the second time in five days, the 40-year-old rallied Indianapolis to a win over an AFC Sloth opponent.

Taylor Swift Grammy
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UPDATED: The Colts Quarterback Situation in 9 GIFs

From give them all the trophies now to throwing up at 2 a.m., the Colts quarterback situation has seen better seasons.

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The Replay: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Larry Bird

A look back at the emotional range of Colts fans during the saga through the prism of—what else?—Kanye West GIFs. Also, Andrew Luck gets roasted by Matt Hasselbeck and Deadspin’s Drew Magary.

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Tweets of the Week: Robert Downey Jr., Andrew Luck & More

Via @KennyEarlz: “Nice to see the Evansville chapter of Mensa coordinate a welcoming party for POTUS today!”