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Max Anderson

Robert Indiana
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Robert Indiana: No Love Lost

It’s a safe bet the pop artist won’t attend the show, but here you can preview some of Robert Indiana’s pieces appearing at the IMA, including some prints exclusive to us.

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Painting By Numbers: The State of the IMA

“What didn’t happen is enough people showing up to populate the structure we had built,” Venable says. But “Art is not for everybody,” says one IMA critic. “Art is for anybody, which is very different.”

Maxwell Anderson, Maxwell Anderson, Indianapolis Monthly, December 2011
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What I Know: Maxwell Anderson

Age: 55  Gig: Director and CEO of the Indianapolis Museum of Art  Good showing: Under his leadership, the IMA organized the U.S. Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, opened a sculpture park, acquired the Miller House, and added a formidable Design Arts collection

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What I Know: Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson

The next trip I’m planning is to the Himalayas. I will bring no accessories, except maybe something to tie back my hair. I like to pack light.