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Megan Fernandez

Phone-o-graph Acoustic Amplifier, $100,
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Sound Design: The Indiana-Made Phone-O-Graph

A look at the brains behind the Wes Andersonesque Indiana-made Phone-o-graph.

ComedySportz World Championship map
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Laugh Tracking

This year’s battle for world athletic-themed-comedy domination throws down June 6 to 11 on the local troupe’s stage.

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Indianapolis Monthly Wins 10 ‘Best in Indiana Journalism’ Awards

First-place categories for IM stories included Medical, Business, and Sports reporting, as well as Column and Features writing.

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Indianapolis Monthly Is Nominated for Seven CRMA Awards

More than 100 judges from the likes of Esquire, Bon Appetit, and Vanity Fair narrowed the field of finalists, including these from IM’s 2013 issues.

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Lincoln Like Me

If it’s true that family reunites in the afterlife, sooner or later I’m bound to bump into Abraham Lincoln.