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Megan Robertson

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Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand?

Starting now, Hoosiers will mark two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating?

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‘Protecting LGBT Civil Rights a Must After RFRA,’ Says GOP Strategist Megan Robertson

“Right now, in the majority of the state, if somebody wanted to hang up a sign that says, ‘No Gays,’ or whatever other term they decided to use, they could do that and be completely within the law.”

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Indy Pride Announces Parade Grand Marshals

Those 2014 Cadillac Barbie Pride Parade grand marshals include “a Bag Lady, an Indiana Fever guard, and two prominent soldiers in the battle against HJR-3.”

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Indiana Gay-Marriage Ban Is a No-Go in 2014

A question remains: Is Freedom Indiana here to stay? “What I am willing to say is that we are certainly in a good position with HJR-3,” says campaign manager Megan Robertson. “Hopefully this is the last we hear of it, but if it’s not, then we will be back to fight it.”

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Gay-Marriage Ban Moves to Indiana House Floor

Marya Rose, CFO of Cummins, said she “knows employees will leave our state” if HJR-3 passes, and that Minnesota’s debate over a same-sex marriage cost the state $17 million.

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For Better or Worse: Micah Clark on Gay Marriage

He worries that the controversy has gotten to the point where he and like-minded supporters of a ban are considered “bigots.”

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Fat Gay Marriage Debate

The measure must win simple majorities in both Statehouse chambers again this year before the question is popped to Hoosier voters. Let the pots and pans fly.