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Micah Clark

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Q&A: Freedom Indiana’s Chris Paulsen on LGBT Civil Rights

“It’s not a Republican or a Democrat issue. It’s a fairness issue. I think Hoosiers want to be known as fair, because we are fair.”

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Culture Warriors: LGBT Battlefield

“RFRA was embarrassing, but Pence hasn’t won elections by championing LGBT causes. And he still wields the veto pen, which is mighty indeed.”

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For Better or Worse: Micah Clark on Gay Marriage

He worries that the controversy has gotten to the point where he and like-minded supporters of a ban are considered “bigots.”

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Fat Gay Marriage Debate

The measure must win simple majorities in both Statehouse chambers again this year before the question is popped to Hoosier voters. Let the pots and pans fly.