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Mike Pence

A man in a crisp white shirt and blue necktie stands at a podium
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Buttigieg Addresses Young Democrats Convention

“The reality is there are a lot of committed racists whose vote I’m never going to get and that’s alright.”

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Importantville: Buttigieg Speaks To Young Dems In Indy

“The New Deal era ended with Reagan. The Reagan era ends with us.”

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The Looming Fight Between Pete And Pence

It could be a Hoosier battle royale, one that pits the gay Episcopalian war-veteran mayor against the evangelical former governor.

Democrat candidate for president Pete Buttigieg at his office in South Bend.
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Buttigieg Short Circuits The GOP Attack Machine

The South Bend mayor’s surging candidacy has gone largely unchecked

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Importantville: Buttigieg’s Big Bucks

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg racked up a stunning $7 million in the first quarter of his presidential exploratory committee his campaign announced Monday, defying expectations for a candidacy that began with an email list of just 20,000.

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Curtis Hill Is A Party of 1

Is Curtis Hill the next Mike Pence?

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Local Artist's Painting Picked For Veep's Residence

A piece of Indiana hangs in the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C., thanks to Mike and Karen Pence—and Indianapolis artist Douglas David. Over the summer, Karen Pence reached out to the Indiana Arts Commission, hankering for a painting of peonies, our state flower. The arts group referred her to David, known for his colorful […]

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Greg Garrison’s Last (?) Words

Greg Garrison—the perennially cowboy-boot clad, horseback-riding, garrulous 93.1 WIBC host—is getting ready to ride off into the sunset. In April, the well-connected attorney with Garrison Law Firm and 20-year veteran of Indy’s airwaves announced his retirement, telling listeners his last show would be on June 9. Garrison was handpicked by Mike Pence in 2000 to […]

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Our Interview With Mike Hot-Pence

President Donald Trump impersonators are in high demand right now. From Alec Baldwin to John Di Domenico, all comers angle to embody the out-sized personality of our imminently imitable 45th president. Nailing Vice President Mike Pence’s subtler traits, though, has proved difficult. Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett attempted Pence’s smooth-talking “America’s Stepdad!” last October, but […]

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Butler University Course Offers In-Depth Study of Trump Election

A new front in the resistance to Donald J. Trump’s presidency has sprung up in the backyard of his own vice president. A new fall course at Butler University will explore the election of the 45th president despite the campaign’s media blunders and perceived negative rhetoric. The course will also examine “strategies for resistance.” “Trumpism […]

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Why One Indy Tech-Industry Player Supports Refugee Resettlement

“It’s not just believing in it as a human and for humanity and for morality.”

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Mike Pence Packs His Baggage

Pence’s RFRA push backfired, it seems, costing him in the battle of ideas. And that may be his true legacy in the Hoosier State.

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What Kind of VP Will Pence Be?

It’s impossible to tell how they’ll work together. Here, three ways this could play out for the Hoosier governor.

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Off the Wall: Mike Pence and Immigration

Before Trump became the face of anti-immigration, Pence championed a very different approach.

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Video: Mike Pence Attends ‘Hamilton,’ Gets Lectured

“We, sir—we—are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” said actor Brandon Victor Dixon.