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Mike Pence

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Getting Right: The Long, Slow Recovery of Austin, Indiana

Austin has become a mecca for illegal drug use and crime. The problem was painfully highlighted by the HIV outbreak that hit this spring.

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Phil Gulley: Without a Hitch

“While I’m clearing the air, I’ll add that their gay marriage harmed my traditional marriage exactly zero percent.”

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Tweets of the Week: Finding Comic Relief in RFRA

Finding the humor amidst a tremulous time for LGBT Hoosiers.

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RFRA: What You Might Have Missed

RFRA has sparked widespread outrage.

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The Replay: Notre Dame, Paul George, and the NCAA

The Irish are fighting an uphill battle.

Shannon Watts
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My Gun Story: The Activist

“The rhetoric of the NRA has created an extremist group terrified their guns are going to be taken away.”

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Executive Decision: Will Mike Pence Run for President in 2016?

His apparent lack of presidential planning at this stage puts him behind where his predecessor, Mitch Daniels, was in 2010.

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Tweets of the Week: Gov. Pence’s Just IN News Agency

Via @timothygrimes: “The news of the #JustIN news service makes me happy. Not because it’s a good idea—it’s terrible. But b/c it shows you can’t parody Mike Pence”

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When Govs Collide: Mike Pence Bets That Colts Top Pats

Delicious smack-talk: “#Colts will shred the Pats, so just for fun we’ll wager some pulled @IndianaPork. #GameOn”

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Tweets of the Week: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloweekend to all. Plus, an “open letter,” tweeted, from the Indiana Pacers and more.

Illustration by Lincoln Agnew
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Did the Marion County Jail's Intake Facility Get a Bad Rap?

Marion County’s jail intake facility wrestles with arresting charges of sexual misconduct.

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Phil Gulley Makes an Executive Decision

As of today, I am no longer Philip Gulley, private citizen. I am now Philip Gulley Inc. No more pesky taxes for me, no more heeding the rule of law, no more respecting the common man or struggling to pay the bills.

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Hot-Button Issues: Affordable Care Attack

In Indiana, the fight against Obamacare still has a pulse.

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Our Top 10 Stories of 2013

Including one of Indiana’s biggest cons, a complicated woman in her final days, a reality-TV hilljack, the crafty governor-elect, a big-deal farmer, the coupling of an actress and a corn-fed rocker, and more.

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Game On: Indy Making Pitch to Host 2018 Super Bowl

The leaders who gathered today to announce Indianapolis’s intent to bid for another Super Bowl in 2018 hope the good showing from last year gives the city a leg up.