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Pete the Planner’s Advice for Indy Millennials

Five tips for avoiding Indy’s money pits.

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Andrew Luck Breaks The Bank

Jim Irsay ponies up for his elite QB.

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Getting Ripped: Tracy Anderson

Anderson says she wants to focus on the future, one that now looks glamorous. But her liabilities, brought on by years of financial missteps, keep her tethered to the past—and to Central Indiana.

Guy David Gundlach was a dutiful son to Marge Swift, but he will be best remembered for his star turn as the man who left millions to his recession-stricken hometown of Elkhart, Indiana.
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Selfless Portrait: Man Leaves $150M to City of Elkhart

David Gundlach died suddenly and left his fortune to the struggling Indiana town. But three years after Gundlach’s death, the picture of Elkhart’s mystery benefactor remains just a sketch.

Polina Osherov, Pattern
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Q&A: Polina Osherov Talks What’s Next for Pattern

We’ve got the scoop on Ruckus, a fashion hub for local designers, set to open next year on the near-east side.

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New on CNBC’s American Greed: Tim Durham

“‘The Playboy of Indiana,’ Tim Durham dates exotic models, owns 80 sports cars, all bankrolled by a $200 million fraud.”

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Speed Read: Pete the Planner

Indy’s personal-finance guru on his new book series, his writing soundtrack, and why he’s called a chintzy tooth fairy.

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The Hoosierist: No Reason To Cheer

Question: How much do Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders get paid?

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Photos: 2014's Record-Breaking Indy Pride

A law enforcement leader says 92,000 comers descended on Indy Pride’s annual LGBT festival downtown, with roughly 35,000 goers at the companion parade.

Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) in
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'The Fault in Our Stars' May Falter at Box Office

While the teen crowd obsesses rabidly over its favorite YA literary characters, its passion often burns out as quickly as a post-prom afterglow.

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Saturday Evening Post Turns the Page

“My father once wrote, we’re old-fashioned enough to believe much can be learned from the past, new-fashioned enough to search for ways to a better future,” Joan SerVass says. “I feel like this is something that needs to be preserved.”

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Tax Relief: Today's Best Retail Therapy

Shopportunities abound at favorite websites and local stores.

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Hoosier Lobbying: Schmooze It or Lose It

For the most part, lobbying in Indiana now seems to be less about quid pro quo than it is about finding a soft spot in the heart of a legislator who can help your cause. And while that might not be as sexy as outright corruption, it still gives watchdog groups cause for concern.

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By the Numbers: Why Indy Is a Great Place to Launch a Business

Low taxes, cheap rents, and incentives galore.

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Seven Indy Entrepreneurs Get Down To Business

How to start your own venture in a few simple steps—by the Hoosiers who know.