Monon Trail

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Monon Trail Rookie's Guide: 10 Dos and Don'ts

Don’t try to make new friends. Even so, the people-watching is first class. Just don’t gawk.

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Monon Trail Eater's Guide: Best Food on the Path

Craving something salty? Locally made beef jerky at Joe’s Butcher Shop delivers a surprising lemon-peppery kick.

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Dear Miss Monon: Trail & Error

Question: A friend says my Instagramming is disruptive to other trail-users, but everyone “hearts” my tilted shots of trees and bridges. What’s the verdict?

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The Man Behind the Monon: Ray Irvin

Monon users ponder many things during their straight-line workouts, but how the greenway came to be isn’t one of them. Ray Irvin, its original visionary, walks (or jogs) us through it.

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13 Things We Love Most About the Monon Trail

1. It’s an advertising-free zone.
2. Barbecue sandwich at Locally Grown Gardens.
3. Murals.
4. Spying cool bikes. …

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Editor's Note: June 2013

I was inspired to schedule date night at Indy’s last-standing drive-in after reading Amy Wimmer Schwarb’s piece on the subject, “Moving Pictures.” Accompanied by photos of outdoor theaters around the state by our own Tony Valainis, the essay explores the importance of these vanishing pieces of Americana—and how the cinemas are fighting to modernize in a world of Netflix and iPads.

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The Hoosierist: Angry Birds

When every other person passing you on the Monon offers some sort of greeting, it gets pretty old.

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Fast Company: Best Dating Spots & Activities

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is in the driver’s seat, and he calls the shots for us as to where one should take a date and what to do there.