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The Neely House

A restaurant hasn’t fussed over itself or its customers this much since the previous millennium.

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Swoon List: The Neely House, Pots & Pans, And More

Plus, we went to a steakhouse for a massive seafood tower.

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An Open Letter To David Letterman: We Need To Talk About John (Papa, That Is)

Nobody expects “perfection” from Ball State. But what I expect—and what I imagine you may also expect—is a willingness to reject not only bigotry, but also deep-seated, intransigent stupidity.

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AMA: Jim Davis, Garfield Cartoonist

“When you’re dealing with absolutes like eating and sleeping, every generation can relate to that.”

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The Midwest Writers Workshop Scandal

Roxane Gay sent a flurry of tweets to her 421,000 followers, blasting the MWW for its “fatphobia.”

Muncie attorney John Brooke
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Trial By Fireworks

He defends retailers against pyros suing for their own negligence—like lighting fireworks on their heads.

Cast photo courtesy NBC
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12 Notable Nods to Indiana on Parks and Rec

Keen watchers here might have noticed some subtle Hoosier winks among the blatant ones.

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Worlds Collide: Science and Religion at Ball State

Nearly six years into teaching his “Boundaries of Science” class, trouble found Eric Hedin, thanks in part to an anonymous informant whose identity and motivations remain a mystery. What happened next threatened to embarrass his employer, Ball State, which formed a special committee to investigate the class’s subject matter.

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Ten Things You May Not Know About Jo Ann Gora

In tribute to her wonderfully rounded decade of hits at Ball State, here are some intriguing facts about BSU’s outgoing leader.

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Milan Miracle That Inspired Hoosiers Film Turns 60

The Hoosiers film crew couldn’t get quite enough warm bodies to fill the stands at Hinkle Fieldhouse for the championship game scenes, so they fudged with creative camera angles.

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Destination Dining: Barn Brasserie

Chef-owner Matt Burns got a good lesson in regional sourcing at Westfield’s The Local Eatery & Pub—and helped head up the kitchen at nearby Vera Mae’s Bistro with wife Jessica—before the pair teamed on this ambitious but amiable spot for “French soul food.”