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Halfway Across: The Delphi Murders

Restoration of the historic trestle where the murders occurred is underway. Will resolution follow?

Jill Behrman opening spread
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How The Jill Behrman Case Informed Michael Koryta’s New Novel

This was the story that “kept circling through my mind.”

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The Confessions Of Cleveland Bynum

Did Cleveland Bynum kill five people? According to a dead man, no.

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The Couple Investigating The Death Of Their Daughter

Jessie Whitehouse was shot in her home last fall, and IMPD hasn’t yet publicly identified a suspect.

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Under the Gun: Indy’s Tale of Two Cities

Indianapolis does not have a gun problem or a homicide problem or a crime problem or a socioeconomic problem or a drug problem. It has an all-of-the-above problem.

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Under the Gun: Tracking One Deadly Crime Spree

Nathan Trapuzzano was set to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Jennifer a month after the shooting. She gave birth to their child weeks later.

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Murder, She Wrote: The LaSalle Street Murders

Co-author Bettie Cadou was a longtime reporter for The Indianapolis News and taught journalism at Butler University and IUPUI. After her death in 2002, she was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame. Brian D. Smith is a former IM senior editor.

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IM Crime Files: Deadly Decisions

What turned a simple robbery into a triple homicide remains an open question. If Raymond Adams indeed killed all three victims, why would the small-potatoes con man engage in such senseless savagery?

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IM Crime Files: The Murders in Heartland Crossing

Something just wasn’t right, and Connie Ballard knew it. Three weeks earlier, one of her best patrons, a kind, elderly man named Milt Lindgren, had come into her automotive-repair shop to tell her that he was planning a roadtrip, and that he wanted the oil changed in his van before he left. But he never returned to have the work done.