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The Confessions Of Cleveland Bynum

Did Cleveland Bynum kill five people? According to a dead man, no.

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The Couple Investigating The Death Of Their Daughter

Jessie Whitehouse was shot in her home last fall, and IMPD hasn’t yet publicly identified a suspect.

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Under the Gun: Indy’s Tale of Two Cities

Indianapolis does not have a gun problem or a homicide problem or a crime problem or a socioeconomic problem or a drug problem. It has an all-of-the-above problem.

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Under the Gun: Tracking One Deadly Crime Spree

Nathan Trapuzzano was set to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Jennifer a month after the shooting. She gave birth to their child weeks later.

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IM Crime Files: Deadly Decisions

What turned a simple robbery into a triple homicide remains an open question. If Raymond Adams indeed killed all three victims, why would the small-potatoes con man engage in such senseless savagery?

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IM Crime Files: The Murders in Heartland Crossing

Something just wasn’t right, and Connie Ballard knew it. Three weeks earlier, one of her best patrons, a kind, elderly man named Milt Lindgren, had come into her automotive-repair shop to tell her that he was planning a roadtrip, and that he wanted the oil changed in his van before he left. But he never returned to have the work done.