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‘Pot Roast and Kisses’: See Reverend Peyton’s New Music Video

Featuring Washboard Breezy Peyton tickling her vintage instrument, dancers, and a parade of “grizzled diner patrons”

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Lily & Madeleine's New Music Video Hits the Spots

Here’s a new way to tell how hipster you are: How many local places do you recognize in Lily & Madeleine’s latest clip?

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No. 25 – Tini

Don’t be surprised to hear a ribald pickup line like “Muddle my blueberries,” but don’t expect the bartender to blush, either.

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New to the Mass Ave corridor is a vodka-meets-video concept that fills a gap in the city’s bar scene. Tini (717 N. Massachusetts Ave., 317-384-1313) opened on Dec. 13 to much buzz from those who can’t get over the idea that “Video Killed the Radio Star,” which is, not coincidentally, the first music video that owner Brad Kime played. The visuals are colorful and lively, of course, and the rest of the room complements those video clips, which skew evenly across classic and current. You’ll get both your Bruce Springsteen and your Beyonce here.