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What I Know: Sophie Faught

The Indy native has racked up an impressive resume at a young age, playing with Slide Hampton, the Temptations, and the Four Tops.

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Q&A: Gavin DeGraw, Soon to Play Klipsch Music Center

“[Fans] say some weird s— sometimes. … Sometimes, even somebody who is really cool will say something weird. This has happened multiple times.”

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Tweets of the Weekend: Paul McCartney Edition

Here are Macca fans’ social-media highlights from his Bankers Life Fieldhouse performance on the evening of July 14.

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Quiz: 15 Burning Beatles Questions Ahead of Paul's Indy Show

In preparation for Macca’s visit, enjoy these slices of music history and brush up on your Beatles trivia.

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Spotted: Jonas Brothers on Monument Circle

It’s a good thing Justin Bieber had just skipped town, or else we might have had an old-fashioned Jets vs. Sharks dance-off in the streets.

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Photos: Justin Bieber in Concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

The star’s appearance elicited the expected response: stop-start traffic on downtown streets and oodles of tween screams piercing the arena air.

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Indianapolis-Based Music Producer Climbs Charts

Camp and Thomas had instant chemistry, and began producing tracks for fun. The track now known as “Bad” became a favorite—and now it’s on Wale’s new album.

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Editor's Note: July 2013

Instead, Dad and I wailed together in the car to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and harmonized on our old plaid couch to “Two of Us,” the first (and one of the last) songs I learned to play on the guitar.

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Musicians Kimmie & Johnny Catch On with 'Cowpunk'

Collaborating on “cowpunk,” a subcategory of alternative folk music, the couple frequent Bloomington venues and have become the college town’s top-ranked group in their genre.

Harper Simon plays Indianapolis on June 26 (Photo by Frances Turk-Hart)
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Q&A: Harper Simon

We wondered how Harper has evolved from Sesame Streets to the streets of L.A., New York City, and as of this week, Indianapolis. So we asked him.

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Deer Creek's Greatest Hits: 25th Anniversary

The notoriously ornery Guns N’ Roses caused the latest start of all time at the Noblesville venue. Here’s why.

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Three Reasons to Know Lily & Madeleine This Month

They’re featured on the album Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, written by John Mellencamp and Stephen King. The legendary T-Bone Burnett produced the record.

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Ukulele Virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro Rocks the Palladium

The happy-go-lucky phenom danced his way through a lot of lightning-fast rock pieces, but it was the classical tunes and his friendly interludes at the mic that won us over this time around.

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Q&A: Reverend Peyton, Rock Bandleader

IM: What was the first six-string you owned?
RP: A Kay State of the Art. If you know anything about guitars, you know Kays are the cheapest kind there is. It was an electric, but it had no amplifier when I got it, so it was really quiet. But it made my hands strong. Actually, I wish I had that guitar back.

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Photos: 2013 Indy 500 Snake Pit Scenes

As containers of liquor and beer emptied, small groups of revelers married into one loving bunch. My challenge amidst the fray: to stay starkly sober as partiers raced each other to the finish line of utmost intoxication.