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My Look: Danny Baize, Professional Santa

What it’s like to dress up as Santa.

A man in a long white beard wears a tailored jacket and derby hat.
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Richard Anderson, Couture Collector

“Trendy is the last stop before tacky.”

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My Look: Wandini Riggins

What’s your daily  uniform? A dress. People think it’s because I live to dress up, but the truth is, life is crazy, and a dress means one less article of clothing that I have to think about. You’re also an attorney. Do you get to have fun with fashion on the job? It’s a misconception […]

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My Look: DJ Prince

With pals like Nike and DJ Jazzy Jeff, this kid’s set.

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REI Sales Manager on How He Gets His Rugged Look

“I kind of embrace the American workwear look. I like clothes that are classic and cool … sharp and comfortable. I like American workwear because it’s built to last, and it also ages beautifully.”

Laura Walters My Look
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My Look: Laura Walters

“Fashion is fun—don’t take it too seriously!”

Leslie Lewis
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My Look: Vintage Enthusiast

Leslie Lewis shares her secrets finding the best vintage clothing at vintage shops and secondhand stores around Indianapolis.

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My Look: Yemi Sanni

Her style mantra: “Own it—use fashion to tell a story that represents you. It almost always goes wrong when you imitate a look that isn’t you.”

Brady Laughlin Milktooth
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Brady Laughlin’s Look

On the term hipster: “I do not like it and don’t identify with it. At Milktooth, people aren’t caught up in a look. They roll out of bed and throw on their clothes.”

My Look Silver Hair
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My Look: Andisiwe Ncube’s Silver Hair

“It’s in the same color scheme as bleached blonde. On a black woman, it really stands out.”

My Look Infamous Jones
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My Look: Infamous Jones’s Watch

Talking style with Paul George’s tattoo artist.

Purvi Patel
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My Look: Purvi Patel’s Printed Pants

“NSF Clothing, an L.A.–based brand, is my spirit animal.”

Photo by Tony Valainis
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My Look: Will Chalker’s Zebra Jacket

Hey, where did you get this perfect Zoobilation outfit?

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My Look: Lindsay Cook’s Beaded Gown

“All of the undergarments you need are sewn in, which is a plus.”

James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo
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My Look: James Caldwell-Acha-Ngwodo’s Red Beret

“Dressing down doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure I understand the concept.”