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The Hoosierist: Pronounced Flaw

During his Southern Indiana childhood, The Hoosierist freely used this pseudo-word.

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The Replay: Deflategate, Colts, and Hoosiers

The Colts’ loss in the AFC Championship game proves that the football world is flat.

Tom Brady on a horse
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The Replay: Paul George, Tom Brady, and Kurt Busch

Patriots QB Tom Brady helps fuel local Colts T-shirt sales.

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The Replay: Gordon Hayward, Brad Stevens & James Blackmon Jr.

A couple of Butler greats—Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens—draw raves and a rant.

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Paul George: 'Right Now, It's About Getting Better'

“When you lose something like basketball, which is everything to me—I feel like I took a lot of things for granted in this game,” he says.

The Office dancing
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The Replay: Solomon Hill, Hoosiers, and Colts

The Pacers’ Solomon Hill ruined the homecoming of prodigal son Lance Stephenson.

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The Replay: IU Hoops, Gordon Hayward, and Lauren Hill

Six Indiana University basketball players have made headlines for off-the-court shenanigans since last February.

Comedian John Belushi rocking the Bumble Bee character in 1975.
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The Replay: Dungy and Dog Ghosts, Pacers, and a Marathon Man

SI and GQ stuff the Pacers, Tony Dungy tweets his wisdom, Hinkle prepares to show off its makeover, and more.

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Larry Bird: 'All of My Donations Are Sort of Made Under the Table'

For Bird, the commitment to giving goes back to his upbringing in French Lick, “growing up in a small town” where he and his family “didn’t have a lot,” he says. “But we were greatly benefited by gifts.”

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10 Reasons to Still Attend a Pacers Game

Where else are you going to wear all that gold? You know it’s not really your color.

September 2014 - Tabernacle Sports
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Indy Church Youth Sports Program Turns 90

“We were one of the biggest and best church-sponsored programs in the country,” says Byers. “Race was never really an issue.”

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Tweets of the Week: Paul George's Injury & More

From @KingJames: “Man just landed and got a message about @Paul_George24. Made me immediately sick to my stomach!! Praying for u a speedy recovery homie!!!”

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Bobby 'Slick' Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier, Reviewed

“Bobby ‘Slick’ Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier” depicts the impact one man can have on a family, a team, a city.

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Tweets of the Week: Roy Hibbert Gets Big Help

@TheJennaBee at the Brickyard 400: “It’s only 9 am and I’ve already found my hero: a bearded gentleman wearing floral cut-off jorts. I love this place. #SuperWeekend”

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'Slick' Leonard Flick Coming Soon

“The best part is that there’s so much people don’t know about Slick Leonard,” says filmmaker Ted Green. “He’s a documentarian’s dream.”