A couple stands inside a vintage goods store.
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Shoptalk: The Mix Marketplace

Vintage and modern goods mingle comfortably at this new Noblesville shop.

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Hot On The Trails: Noblesville’s White River Greenway

Training for a solo ride from Noblesville to San Francisco, Emma Fisher uses the greenway to head out of town and onto the rural roads of northern Hamilton County. “Potter’s Bridge is the beginning and end of my journey every time, so it’s special,” says Fisher, who likes to hang a hammock between trees and take a breather on the riverbank.

"This is an exciting opportunity, where I can still train and also still provide for my family," Boudia says.
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David Boudia Prepares for His Third Olympic Games

“I know that with the past two Olympic Games that I’ve been in, there’s always been some sort of hype coming into the games as far as security or environmental issues or political issues. This one’s no different. Every games that I’ve been to have been absolutely amazing. I don’t think Rio will disappoint.”

Little Gypsie Boutique
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Get Hippie at Little Gypsie Boutique

If you’re hitting this summer’s music-festival circuit, go with the flow first at Little Gypsie Boutique in Noblesville.

daylight savings time
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Not on Her Watch: One Woman’s Fight to Change Indiana’s Time Zone

If time is relative, as Einstein taught the world a hundred years ago, then it is particularly so in Indiana.

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Unspoken Rules of Klipsch Music Center

How to beat last call, protect your lawn spot, and more advice from a concert veteran.

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The Last Row Party’s Best Insults

“In a last minute sponsorship, Coke Zero agreed to be on James Davison’s car. They have zero calories, and James has zero chance of winning.”

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Hot List 9.5.14

With the Colts’ Sunday opener and Monday Night Football kicking off 24 hours later, truer words than these have never been stenciled.

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At Home: Stan Hurt's Man Cave

“When Eli Lilly was 23 years old, he got so bored in the infantry division of the Union Army that he convinced Indiana’s governor to let him start the 18th Indiana Battery.”

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Pop-Up Alert: Hot House Market in Noblesville This Weekend

The featured vendors includes some we haven’t seen on the much-hyped handmade circuit around Indianapolis.

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Photos: Indy's Winter-Weather Snow Hijinks

Says Jim Borthwick of Noblesville, “Notice the close attention to detail, the cerebral forehead of Peyton [Manning] and Andrew [Luck]’s glorious neckbeard.”

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Brave New Burbs: Indy's Outlying Areas Are Booming

Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history—and Indy’s suburbs realize they have to attract them to thrive.

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STREET SAVVY: Downtown Noblesville

[1] Design
In the market for a $26,000 Versace chair? Even if you’re not, head to the Platinum Living showroom for high-end holiday decor and design inspiration. Owner Jacquelyn Bilbrey, an interior designer, claims to have the largest selection of original European oil paintings in the Midwest. 960 Logan St., 776-8701, platinumlivingllc.com.
[2] Snack
Pull up a chair at Sweet Home Cupcakes, which opened in May with a rotating selection of nearly 50 flavors. Among them are Miller Man (chocolate cake with vanilla Bavarian filling) and Miller Mama (white cake with chocolate filling), both named in honor of the Noblesville High School Millers. 937 Logan St., 987-5551, sweethomecupcakes.net.