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A Festival Presents An Optimistic Vision For 16th And The Monon

You can’t wipe out poverty with the flick of a pen. Nor can you replace thousands of peeling shingles with seven hours of theater. But a temporary transformation that might lead to a more permanent one? A neighborhood can tackle that. A tenacious group of community leaders, performing arts professionals, and residents will come together […]

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Battle of the Nutcrackers: Four Local Productions

When Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker premiered in 1892, it flopped. But in the last 50 years, it’s become a holiday classic.

Eddie Curry
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Four Indy Theater Actors Share Favorite Roles

“There is something incredibly freeing about playing someone who has no rules and no boundaries,” says Ryan Artzberger.

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Final Cut: These Productions Barely Missed Coming to Indy Theaters

“We have a long-running list of plays we’re interested in, but where we sit in the pecking order as a nonprofit, we won’t get the rights to a lot of shows until the commercial world exhausts it,” says IRT artistic director Janet Allen.

Know No Stranger delivers Optical Popsicle, an annual fest of art, fun, and frozen delights.
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12 Indie Arts Groups Transforming the City's Scene

“Now, in addition to having a vibrant local food/local beer movement, [Indianapolis has] a parallel local arts movement.”