November 2014

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Dear Kate: Living with Grief

Ten years have passed since I last brushed Kate’s hair from her cheek. I’m not the same person I was then, and I know now I never will be. But I do the best I can with the life I have now.

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Indianapolis Opera Stages a Comeback

Larry Legend loves opera? There’s a twist as unexpected as the one in Oedipus Rex. “Why not support the arts?” Bird says. “It’s important for the city and everyone who lives here.”

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The Checkups: Indy Health News About Memory, Hearts & More

Some patients are bypassing the bypass anymore.

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Top Doctors' Tough Calls: The Heart-Attack Pregnancy

Interventional cardiologist Bradley Weinberg was dealing with a situation that only occurs about once in 20,000 pregnancies, yet he had to think quickly.

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Top Doctors' Tough Calls: The E. Coli Case

While hemolytic uremic syndrome has about a 97 percent survival rate, Owen Boatright’s case was particularly severe.

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How Realistic Is Your Favorite TV Show About Doctors?

St. Elsewhere “did a very nice job using real medical terms and conditions,” says Michael Kraus, M.D. “It was the first show that worked very hard to be extremely realistic.”

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Wanted: Cool Carryall at James Dant

A pocket for everything on this utilitarian beauty.

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Three Under-the-Radar Hotels for Your Holiday Guests

A Broad Ripple boutique hotel, a Carmel B&B, and “that house” on Kessler

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Well-Read: Top Docs Prescribe These Six Health Books

The Deadly Dinner Party fascinates with tales of rare and mysterious ailments and helps readers understand why a doctor often has to play detective.

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See What Top Docs Keep in Their Medicine Cabinets

Plus, what they never have in there

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At Your Service: Amy Smith, Personal Shopper

She takes her services to another level during the holidays, even scouring the city for hot items before they sell out.

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Unspoken Rules of Brown County

If you’re wearing overalls, you better play in a bluegrass band.

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Ask Me Anything: Kelly Shea

How do travelers get upgraded to first class? “You never will. Businessmen getting all those frequent-flyer miles are using the upgrades.”

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My Look: Jonathan Frey's Vintage Jacket

Thanks to his dashing moustache and penchant for suits, the photographer and filmmaker seems to have cycled out of a European street scene.

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Jim Mulholland Finds It Hard to Believe

I asked Jim if he ever felt like he had betrayed those who believed in his words. I was being as authentic as I could, he said.