November 2015

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November’s First Bite

Tilly’s Tea Room’s fruit scones are no ordinary America biscuit.

Debbie Paul Drives
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Steer Crazy: Deborah Paul on Driverless Cars

“I would sooner go back to sitting on phone books than let technology replace what I learned, what I can do, and what I love.”

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The Hoosierist: Against the Grain

The Hoosierist boasts firsthand knowledge of this topic, because members of his family have crafted what he’ll charitably call “artisanal” moonshine for years.

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Literary Indiana: Poets

Indiana’s greatest poets come from all walks of life.

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Realty Check: What $375K Gets You in Fletcher Place

“When you add that limited supply to the fact that this property is within a few blocks of a brewery, distillery, and award-winning restaurants, you can’t lose.”

Brenda Mallory Eiteljorg
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The Eiteljorg Museum Adds to Its Contemporary Collection

This year’s show includes paintings inspired by abstract expressionism, waxed cloth sculpted around steel rods, and a multimedia installation of faces and masks on drums that seem to sing in Tlingit.

Justin Borneo
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I’m with the Band

“I went to an IPS school, and they start you in band really early there. You learn on a little recorder, but I was, like, super good at it.”

Repeal Velveeta-topped burger
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Speakeasy Does It: Repeal Review

Don’t think about it. Just raise your old-school beveled glass and enjoy.

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Market Watch: Carmel’s $10.8 Million Kroger Renovation

Of course, enjoying all the bells and whistles of the new Kroger comes with the risk that you’ll forget the one thing you went in for: cereal.

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Ask Me Anything: Jon Wertheim

“I’m a restless IU fan. To be fair, I think people forget where the program was when Crean got there. But if Brad Stevens availed himself, if he was more forthcoming about expressing an interest in the job, that would make me very happy.”

Chris Holtmann
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Q&A with Butler Basketball Coach Chris Holtmann

“We’ve had success because we’ve had guys come here looking for something other than their own individual interests.”

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Lessons for the New Mayor of Indianapolis

The victor of this month’s election should listen to this advice from past mayors.

Paul George Small Ball
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Game Changer: 7 Reasons Pacers Are Playing Small Ball

Why is Larry Bird’s team picking up the pace?

Amanda Heckert Marching Band
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Editor’s Note, November 2015: Marching Band Memories

More than 15 years after I last put on a marching band uniform, I still find it impossible not to tap my toes when a drumline starts up.