October 2015

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Ready to Ramble: 92 Trips on Indiana Backroads

There’s something to do, see, eat, or buy no matter where in the state you might find yourself.

St. Joseph Brewery
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St. Joseph’s P.E.I. Mussels

A fall-favorite with the hearty flavors of mussels and chorizo.

Sangiovese Ristorante Tiramisu
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Mini Review: Sangiovese Ristorante

This reopened Indy classic brings out the best of Italian basics.

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The Hoosierist: Usual Haunts

“The Hoosierist is a confirmed skeptic, so asking him to point out ghosts is like expecting an astronomer to cast your horoscope.”

The original owners rinsed off their horses under the wide arch to the right of the house -- there
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Home of the Month: Luxe Fishers Ranch

The young boys didn’t need to make many changes to their pad: It’s a basketball fantasy room, with a court, a hoop, and bunk beds built around a working scoreboard (with buzzer).

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Street Savvy: Irvington

Places to go, things to see, and food to eat in Irvington.

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Prep Schooled: Deborah Paul on the Trend’s Return

When I was this magazine’s managing editor, the editor-in-chief asked—nay, required—that I parrot the book ‘The Official Preppy Handbook,’ localizing the author’s directives. I wrote “Indy’s Guide to Prep” in 1981.

Verne Store
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Top Five: Cute Country Stores

Forget Walmart and Target, these Indiana small-town country stores are thriving.

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Indiana Backroads: Southern Exposure in Vevay

Tucked between the Ohio River and some of Indiana’s best hills, historic Vevay blends artsy, country, and quirky in a culture all its own.

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Looking Back On Indiana’s Most Infamous Crime, 50 Years Later

The details of her demise, revealed at the 1966 trial, defy belief. Here, a peek at the lives of the participants in the murder of Sylvia Likens 50 years later.

Spencer Indiana
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Indiana Backroads: Just Like Old Times in Owen County

Owen County lets explorers encounter nature in some of its purest forms.

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Five Dynamite Drive-Ins

Getting hungry on the road? Visit one of these five drive-in diners for a blast to the past.

Geneva Indiana
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Indiana Backroads: Book Markers at Gene Stratton-Porter Sites

Explore unique locations in the area loved by Gene Stratton-Porter, the famous Indiana novelist.

Battle Ground Map
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Indiana Backroads: Pack Mentality at Wolf Park

Explore Wolf Park in Battle Ground for a truly wild (or surprisingly domestic) experience.

Tony Valainis
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Cutie Pies

These adorable desserts cleverly package all the flavor of a full-sized pastry into a miniature version that you don’t have to share.