October 2016

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Open Door With A Resurrected 1910 Church in Ransom Place

Chatham Home’s Hope Harsin resurrected a 1910 church in Ransom Place with classic refinishes, antique finds, and family heirlooms.

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Member Perks: Indiana Coffees

People are buzzing over Indiana Coffees, a locally launched subscription service that introduces java from the state’s lesser-known roasters to your Chemex every month. Here, four John Doe joes you should know.

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Raised Well: A Review of Griggsby’s Station

You want to root for a place this genuine and charming, with its patio lit by string lights and framed in 300-gallon stock tanks full of flowers—and its sweet plaid-shirted servers as chatty as old high school buddies you might run into at Target.

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What’s in That Tiramisu from Oakleys Bistro?

Oakleys Bistro gives the traditional Italian dessert a sexy makeover with plenty of delicious accessories.

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Real Estate Jargon Watch: Mini Master

It’s the secret no one wants to talk about: Many couples prefer to sleep apart. Mini masters attempt to solve that.

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Brown County’s Barrels of Fun

Thanks to popular demand and craft-friendly tweaks to Indiana’s blue laws, the county has a brewpub and production brewery, two distilleries, and two new winery tasting rooms, all opened in recent years.

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Sold: Zionsville’s Idyllic Farmhouse

The mix of pastoral charm and sophisticated urban style is a definite reflection of the times. Even the most rustic elements have polish.

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REI Sales Manager on How He Gets His Rugged Look

“I kind of embrace the American workwear look. I like clothes that are classic and cool … sharp and comfortable. I like American workwear because it’s built to last, and it also ages beautifully.”

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The Hoosierist: A Tall Tail

Locally, the story contains about as much truth as the rumor that Old Lady Ferguson, who lives three blocks over, is giving out full-sized candy bars to trick-or-treaters this year.

Franklin Park Conservatory
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Traveler: Columbus Earns National Buzz for Art Scene

Ohio’s capital was already getting serious national buzz for its creative appeal when the Columbus Museum of Art completed a major expansion last year.

The Design Bank
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The Maker: The Design Bank

“Some kids don’t thrive in traditional classrooms, but in this environment, where they can be creative and interactive, they realize skills they didn’t know they had, like designing products and ideas.”

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One of Brown County’s Prettiest Fall Drives to Get Less Bumpy

Next to the scenery, the ruts, bumps, and potholes are what a lot of folks like about the drive—it feels like quintessential Brown County. By this time next year, though, the ride should be smoother.

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Full Flower: An Artist’s Historic Brown County Gardens Bloom Again

A trained artist steeped in Impressionism’s celebration of plein air painting and vivid colors, Selma Steele brought a designer’s sensibility to the landscaping and planting of hillsides and meadows on the property.

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Unspoken Rules of The Hilly Hundred

Very few people look good in Lycra. The trick is not to care.

Myles Turner
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Pacers Q&A: Myles Turner

The steal of last year’s NBA Draft begs your attention. While many Turner’s age are hitting the books for mid-term exams this month, the Pacers’ 20-year-old phenom begins his second season in the pros.