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Borrowed Time: Moments I Remember Before My 70th Birthday

Ten people, three generations, at a Thanksgiving table. “Look at what we did,” says my husband.

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Deborah Paul and Her Master Chef Jr.

Could my granddaughter’s heart possibly be as full as mine? Does she appreciate the meaning of these moments, that they will endure long after the cooking aromas subside?

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Bigger Picture: Deborah Paul on Grandchildren

Robert Frost famously said everything he learned about life could be summed up in three words: “It goes on.” This is the season of the next generation—and the next after that.

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Tuned Out: Deborah Paul on Playing an Instrument

My mother insisted I know how to read music even if I couldn’t perform it, and maybe that was good enough.

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Phil Gulley: The Girl Next Door

As I write this, my wife and I are expecting our first grandchild, Madeline. The level of excitement, as you can imagine, is high.

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Who’s the Boss? Deborah Paul on Discipline

If kids knew what to do, they’d be adults. It’s our job to turn them into the latter.