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Dressing Downton
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Day Trip: Dressing Downton Fashion in South Bend

Costumes in the ‘Dressing Downton’ exhibition include hunting tweeds, formal gowns, servant get-ups, and a splendid purple number Maggie Smith wore.

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Culture Q&A: Sarah Urist Green

“One of the reasons that this show has been fun to work on together is that it gives us an excuse to travel together,” she says of husband John Green. “I do the large majority of the work for the art assignment, and he shows up to film.”

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Bobby 'Slick' Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier, Reviewed

“Bobby ‘Slick’ Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier” depicts the impact one man can have on a family, a team, a city.

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Sarah Urist Green Has a New Frame of Mind

She hopes that The Art Assignment will help audience members broaden their own definition of art, demystify the art-making process, and prove that anybody can give it a try.