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Illustration by Lincoln Agnew
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Did the Marion County Jail's Intake Facility Get a Bad Rap?

Marion County’s jail intake facility wrestles with arresting charges of sexual misconduct.

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Deborah Paul Talks Retail Politics

Given my experience and obvious affinity for Keystone at the Crossing, no one is better qualified to be mayor of the area than I.

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Video: Jon Stewart Rips Indiana Congressman

Stewart, as is his wont, snarks about an exchange between Indiana’s 8th-district U.S. House rep, Larry Bucshon, and White House science advisor John Holdron.

State Fair Beer and Wine
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Indiana State Fair Barrels Forward with Beer

The ultimate taste test may come soon at the State Fair. Though only Indiana breweries and wineries have been invited to participate this year, Carmichael would like to add the much-larger brands.

On a trip overseas in March, Donnelly met with President Shimon Peres in Israel. (Photo provided)
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The Man in the Middle: Joe Donnelly

In a chamber where one party enjoys a thin majority, Indiana’s junior senator has garnered disproportionate influence as one of a handful of Democratic legislators from red and purple states who hold swing votes.

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Hoosier Lobbying: Schmooze It or Lose It

For the most part, lobbying in Indiana now seems to be less about quid pro quo than it is about finding a soft spot in the heart of a legislator who can help your cause. And while that might not be as sexy as outright corruption, it still gives watchdog groups cause for concern.

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Hoosier Lobbying: Are You Not Entertained?

Special interests pay handsomely for the chance to put their stamp on Indiana politics. But in 2013, lobbyists themselves spent a comparatively paltry $4,000 on meals, hotel stays, and tickets to events and attractions for individual lawmakers.

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Hoosier Lobbying: Check, Please!

Since the General Assembly lowered the daily gift-reporting minimum from $100 to $50 in 2010, steakhouses and other nice restaurants in Indianapolis have noticed a change in the dining habits of legislators.

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Hoosier Lobbying: This One's On Me

The lobbying laws used to have loopholes so big you could drive a Brinks truck through them. The process is a lot more transparent than it used to be.

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Phil Gulley Makes an Executive Decision

As of today, I am no longer Philip Gulley, private citizen. I am now Philip Gulley Inc. No more pesky taxes for me, no more heeding the rule of law, no more respecting the common man or struggling to pay the bills.

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Tweets of the Week: March Madness, House of Cards & More

Says @PowellDan, “I’m ready for the summer vortex!” And @magtastic adds, “Maybe a little premature for tanks and short shorts, ladies.”

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Indiana Sen. Dan Coats Tweets Hilariously About Being Banned from Russia

While many political leaders and elected officials have Twitter accounts voiced by staffers—de facto mouthpieces for the digital age—Coats set his feed apart on that medium.

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Rev. Charles Harrison's Crime-Fighting Coalition Is in the Line of Fire

“I feel like we are doing this by ourselves and fighting a losing battle,” says Rev. Charles Harrison.

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Indiana Gay-Marriage Ban Is a No-Go in 2014

A question remains: Is Freedom Indiana here to stay? “What I am willing to say is that we are certainly in a good position with HJR-3,” says campaign manager Megan Robertson. “Hopefully this is the last we hear of it, but if it’s not, then we will be back to fight it.”

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New Group of Young Hoosiers Supports HJR-3

“We came together to show the legislature that there are young people who believe in traditional marriage,” says Chris Knight, a student. “Other groups like Freedom Indiana have tried to push to the media that young people are on their side.”