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Hot-Button Issues: Chorus of Booze

Only one state prohibits the retail sale of packaged alcoholic beverages on Sunday while also allowing it to be served at bars, restaurants, and events. Spoiler alert: It’s us.

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Hot-Button Issues: Ritz vs. Board of Education

Upon being sworn in last January, Indiana educator-in-chief Glenda Ritz braced for a fight. Who could blame her?

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Hot-Button Issues: Cop Out

Councillor John Barth proposed a bipartisan study to help determine how many officers Indy really requires, so the Council can work on a long-term plan. “We need to take politics out of policing,” he says.

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HJR-3 Passes House After Removal of Messy Language

Those who wish to see the already-standing definition of marriage added to the Indiana Constitution seem to know that it might be now or never.

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Hot-Button Issues: Under the Bus

Since boosters first kicked the tires on the idea of upgrading public transportation in 2008, efforts to get the General Assembly to approve a funding referendum have proceeded in starts and stops.

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Hot-Button Issues: Down on the Farm

The Hoosier livestock industry makes more than $2.5 billion a year and “has seen growth in almost every livestock sector.” But for a group that’s doing so well, animal-farmers sure seem defensive.

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Gay-Marriage Ban Moves to Indiana House Floor

Marya Rose, CFO of Cummins, said she “knows employees will leave our state” if HJR-3 passes, and that Minnesota’s debate over a same-sex marriage cost the state $17 million.

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Photo of the Day: HJR-3 Foes See Red

Also: The IMA’s recently wed director, Charles Venable, announced his organization’s opposition this week to the proposed gay-marriage ban.

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Court Cases & Political Races

Crusader of the Year: U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett. No one made more big cases in the past year—and his savvy press people made sure we all heard about the exploits. The crime-fighter still has plenty of fish to fry.

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Fat Gay Marriage Debate

The measure must win simple majorities in both Statehouse chambers again this year before the question is popped to Hoosier voters. Let the pots and pans fly.

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What's New About Gay-Marriage Bill HJR-3

New is companion bill HB 1153, which seeks to explain some vague language and make it more coherent for Hoosiers if the resolution reaches voters in November.

Glenda Ritz
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Doing Their Homework: The Untold Story Behind 2013's Biggest Local Scandal

As AP reporter Tom LoBianco churned out hit after hit, politicos quietly talked about how he was able to get so much dirt on Tony Bennett. But the blogosphere erupted with more pointed talk of foul play by the Glenda Ritz administration.

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Our Top 10 Stories of 2013

Including one of Indiana’s biggest cons, a complicated woman in her final days, a reality-TV hilljack, the crafty governor-elect, a big-deal farmer, the coupling of an actress and a corn-fed rocker, and more.

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Phil Gulley: Party Of One

When I start my third party, I’ll have to suck up to some rich people to get their money. I don’t ordinarily like spending time with billionaires, but I’ll do it for the good of the country.

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IU Health Joins Statewide Fight Against Gay-Marriage Amendment

President and CEO Daniel F. Evans, Jr.’s words were pointed: “IU Health is committed to the health and economic well-being of our communities: we challenge our policymakers to do the same.”