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Q Artistry

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Young, Wild, and Free with Young Actors Theatre

Big, whimsical visuals. “We’ll have lots of wigs that may or may not come to life,” Runge says. “It’s going to be like a live cartoon.”

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Hot Neighborhoods: Irvington

It may be named after The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving, but right now, there’s nothing sleepy about it.

Know No Stranger delivers Optical Popsicle, an annual fest of art, fun, and frozen delights.
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12 Indie Arts Groups Transforming the City's Scene

“Now, in addition to having a vibrant local food/local beer movement, [Indianapolis has] a parallel local arts movement.”

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Artists Collide as Spotlight Event Raises $352K

Q Artistry led in terms of quirk factor, and spoken-word poet Tasha Jones continued her striking series of turns.