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Realty Check: Carmel Penthouse

The penthouse life moves uptown.

Living room
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Realty Check: The Sanctuary Shull Built

An Avriel Shull pedigree is usually enough of a selling point for one of the Indianapolis architect’s midcentury-modern homes.

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Realty Check: Ladywood Estates

Avriel Shull’s Ladywood Estates: midcentury gold.

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Realty Check: The Wishard Mansion

Want to buy this Victorian home?

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Move Over: Deborah Paul on Staying Put

Our current house is no mansion, but it’s more than we need.

Fountain Square Reno
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Value Village

The three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow has been refurbished into a picturesque Tiffany-blue cottage and sits on the market for $259,900.

973 Elm St. fountain Square
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Market Watch: Fountain Square

For sale in Fountain Square.

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Realty Check: What $995K Gets You in Traders Point

This property, formerly belonging to Traders Point Creamery owners Fritz and Jane Kunz, feels like the grounds of a luxe Midwestern ski resort.

1701 N New Jersey St Indianapolis IN 46202 - 71 of 172
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What $600K Gets You in Herron-Morton Place

In Herron-Morton Place, $600K will get you a renovated historic home with plenty of style and space.

Realty Check Old Northside porch
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Realty Check: What $600k Gets You in the Old Northside

“We loved that house. It was so much fun, and pretty dramatic,” Judy O’Bannon says, referring to the hand-painted ceilings, stained-glass windows, ornate fretwork, and wraparound porch.

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Realty Check: What $2.5 Million Gets You on Geist

Guests can practice their golf skills on the PGA-approved putting turf atop the second floor of the outdoor terrace or hang by the poolside bar and fireplace on chilly summer nights.

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Sand Castles: House Rentals on Lake Michigan

In Michigan, house rentals trump hotels. Here’s a sampling of the options.

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Realty Check: What $580,000 Gets You in Greenwood

“You have no idea you’re in a subdivision because it’s so tranquil.”

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Hot Neighborhoods: Herron-Morton Place

It’s a five-minute drive from downtown—close enough for an enviable commute, but far enough away to feel like a sleepy suburb.

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Realtors Are Sold: Four Hot Indy Neighborhoods

“Since I moved to Indy 20 years ago, I’ve been kind of a pioneer. We owned in Fletcher Place when that was far from what it is today.”