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Red Line

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Street Savvy: Hanna Ave.

At the southern end of the Red Line, the University of Indianapolis neighborhood is worth a close study.

A cinderblock-lined bar.
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September’s First Bite

Thunderbird’s new cousin, Jailbird; hidden coffeehouses; and a pinch of wisdom.

A new mass transit station ready for bus travel.
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IndyGo: Putting Down Routes

Will we get on board with the new Red Line?

A person boards a city bus from the sidewalk
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Red Line: Our How-To Guide

Mass transit in Indy is about to look a whole lot different.

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Ask The Hoosierist: Up To Speed

Red Line efficiency, al fresco dining, and historic preservation in Fountain Square.

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Red Line Wars

A field guide to Red Line haters, who lost the war but will likely keep up their battle cries.

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November’s Transit Referendum: A Lot on the Line

Both sides agree the referendum will drastically impact the future of Indianapolis.