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Reggie Wayne

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The Indiana Beard Hall of Fame

Grow your ode to the bearded state! As Fishers shop Vardagen reminded us with “The Bearded State” tee, we’ve compiled our Indiana Beard Hall of Fame.

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The Replay: Reggie Wayne, Pacers, and Justin Wilson

Reggie Wayne joins the Patriots. People lose their minds.

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The Replay: Reggie Wayne, Pat McAfee, and Andrew Luck

The Colts part ways with a franchise great.

Peyton Manning
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Money Ball: How Some NFL Players Might Make a Quick Buck

Some NFL players could be going back to school—at Indiana University—instead of packing for vacation.

Cast photo courtesy NBC
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12 Notable Nods to Indiana on Parks and Rec

Keen watchers here might have noticed some subtle Hoosier winks among the blatant ones.

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30 for 30: The Most Memorable Moments in Indy Colts History

In 30 years, Indy has shared as many good times—and bad—with our Colts as Baltimore ever did. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Most of all, though, we’ve cheered.

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Robert Mathis Picks the Best Three Colts Comebacks

“It was a scene for No. 12,” Mathis says of one play by Andrew Luck. “He matured.” Luck is more modest: “That was a very fortunate bounce. We really don’t want that to happen again.”

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Video: Reggie Wayne Takes IndyCar Ride to Training Camp

Wayne’s splashy arrivals at Colts camp are kind of a thing. In 2009 he showed up in a dump truck, wearing a hard hat.

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Two Colts and a NASCAR Driver Walk into a Weight Room …

The two men standing together in the Indianapolis Colts’ locker room had little in common.

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10 Favorite Celebrity Spottings at Indy Restaurants

Barack Obama, Jon Hamm, Katy Perry, Martha Stewart, and more.

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Indianapolis: Crime in 2013

Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Facts on the ground make us fear that crime is simply running amok, particularly in some of the city’s destination neighborhoods and at showcase attractions.

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NBC's Parks and Rec Cast Takes the Field at Lucas Oil Stadium

The show, now in its sixth season, is always worth a watch, but this week’s episode should be considered mandatory viewing for Hoosiers.

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Tweets of the Week


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RUMOR HAS IT: Madonna Parties, Cher Sneaks In & More

Super City sources heard that Madonna has rented out a somewhat unlikely palindromic restaurant in Broad Ripple for a bash (it better have spicy fried chicken for Nicki Minaj), and Cher was trying to rent a house in Carmel for mega money … Ryan Gosling threatened to dethrone Jimmy Fallon as toast of the town as word of his bar-hopping kept tweeters up late on Tuesday night. Kilroy’s and Scotty’s Brewhouse debunked the rumor that the shoulda-been Sexiest Man Alive visited their joints, although a source close to the actor’s team indicated that he had been downtown. Maybe someone meant to tweet that they had seen Colts general manager Ryan Grigson or Jon Gosselin. Damn you, autocorrect! … Julio Iglesias and Reggie Wayne were spotted on the Circle enjoying the balmy Wednesday … New England Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco hit up the Starbucks inside Barnes & Nobles at the IUPUI Campus Center, across from University Place Hotel, where the Patriots are staying … Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, who will be a guest at the Taste of the NFL Saturday night, needed a cop’s help hailing a cab outside Palomino last night, and evidently the cop thought the taxi driver needed help knowing that his fare, who wore a supersized crown, was Miss America. 

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Viewpoint: XLVI Official Gave Me Win Over Pats Fans

Normally, I wouldn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about the officials working a pro football game. But when I heard that the crew for Super Bowl XLVI would include Tom Stabile, it made me smile.