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‘Protecting LGBT Civil Rights a Must After RFRA,’ Says GOP Strategist Megan Robertson

“Right now, in the majority of the state, if somebody wanted to hang up a sign that says, ‘No Gays,’ or whatever other term they decided to use, they could do that and be completely within the law.”

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Phil Gulley: Yesterday’s News

“In this polarized age, I don’t suspect a Republican or Democrat would lend the other a hand, let alone a printing press. But it was different back then, before talk radio gave the least stable among us a microphone.”

Lewis Black
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Lewis Black: Q&A

“I go after the Republicans. I go after the Democrats. I go after everybody.”

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Executive Decision: Will Mike Pence Run for President in 2016?

His apparent lack of presidential planning at this stage puts him behind where his predecessor, Mitch Daniels, was in 2010.