Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck stands at a podium announcing his retirement.
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Luck Said No To The NFL—Why Can’t We?

We’re all susceptible to getting swept up in the mob mentality of fandom to some degree.

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Reactions To Deborah Paul’s Final Column

“As always, I turned first to the back page to read Deborah Paul’s column. After seeing the title, I knew.”

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Deborah Paul Calls It A Career

Indianapolis Monthly owes its existence to Deborah Paul.

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Tamika's Next Move

Tamika Catchings hadn’t worn hearing aids since she threw them out in second grade. The future WNBA star wanted to fit in, avoid bullying, and be like everyone else who wasn’t born with hearing loss. But as a freshman in college, she came face-to-face with Pat Summitt. The Tennessee head coach saw how good Catchings […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Deborah Paul on Friendship

We all had time to fill, so why not be generous and kind? There were no pressures to impress or lifelong wounds to heal.

adult coloring
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50 Shades of Play with Deborah Paul

Concentration is what adult coloring requires, or at least friends—and wine—at the table, like a quilting bee sans a singular goal.

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Phil Gulley: Age-Old Problem

My biggest worry about retirement isn’t how I’ll pay for it, but whether I should even do it. We’ve all heard stories about guys who retired and five minutes later dropped dead.