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Robert Mathis

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John Green Among Celebrities Announced for Snakepit Ball

‘Tis the season for month-of-May celebrity announcements in Indianapolis, and the latest comes from the organizers of the 2015 KeyBank 500 Festival Snakepit Ball.

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A Grand Time: Photos from the 2015 Grand Prix of Indy

All the IndyCar drivers, celebs, and sights from the 2015 Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

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Stars of IndyCar—and Indy—Shine at Rev

I had been told I might see celebrities, and I was not disappointed.

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30 for 30: The Most Memorable Moments in Indy Colts History

In 30 years, Indy has shared as many good times—and bad—with our Colts as Baltimore ever did. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Most of all, though, we’ve cheered.

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Colts Flashback: Devin Hester's Super Bowl Kickoff Return

“I was like, ‘Hey, do NOT kick it to him,” Colts defender Robert Mathis recalls. “‘Kick it to him, and I’m going to fight you.’”

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Robert Mathis Picks the Best Three Colts Comebacks

“It was a scene for No. 12,” Mathis says of one play by Andrew Luck. “He matured.” Luck is more modest: “That was a very fortunate bounce. We really don’t want that to happen again.”

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Web Exclusive: Robert Mathis’s Most Memorable Colts Moments

In IM’s September tribute to three decades of Indianapolis Colts football, Robert Mathis—the team’s longest-tenured defensive player—picked his top three comebacks. But he went even deeper in the interview. Read on to find out what else the sack master likes to reminisce about.

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Photos: Celebrities Pick Indy 500 Favorites

“It is so nice to have a virgin experience at this stage in my life,” says Michael Feinstein. “And so I will be coming with great expectations but no attachment to any particular driver.”