Roger Goodell

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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Chuck Pagano, and South Park

Lucas Oil Stadium’s gazillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded retractable roof no longer retracts. The Capital Improvement Board decided to keep the roof closed for Monday’s Colts-Jets game and, pending an investigation and possible repairs, indefinitely.

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The Replay: Bill Belichick, Chuck Pagano, and Indiana basketball

Long story short: the Pats and coach Bill Belichick may have cheated.

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Calling Tom Brady’s Bluff

What was Tom Brady hiding on his mobile phone? Probably a lot.

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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Larry Bird

Presenting the Peyton Manning Collection™

Rendering of a proposed new multipurpose stadium.
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The Replay: Purdue, Trent Richardson, and Indy Eleven

For IU basketball fans of Notre Dame football, there’s good news.

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The Replay: Deflategate, Colts, and Hoosiers

The Colts’ loss in the AFC Championship game proves that the football world is flat.

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Goodell and Other Guys in Suits Have Love Fest

This morning, Roger Goodell, Jim Irsay, Greg Ballard, Mark Miles, Andre Carson, and Eugene White—for the uninitiated, see their lofty titles below—shared a dais. They appeared at the brand new Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School, made possible by donations tied to the Super Bowl. This was the feel-good portion of the Super Bowl extravaganza.