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Sarah Urist Green

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Five Years Of “The Art Assignment”

“The art world with Kanye in it is a better, more open, and less elitist art world.”

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Exhibit Columbus: An Expert's Review

The temporary installations that you’ll find scattered around Columbus, Indiana, through November 26 have intimidating company. They occupy hallowed architectural ground, positioned in dialogue with buildings by Eliel and Eero Saarinen, I.M. Pei, Kevin Roche, Gunnar Birkerts, and many other leading voices of 20th-century architecture and design. But it’s the 21st century that is the […]

Of the many video series shot in Green
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John Green Finally Goes to the Movies!

Whatever happens next, fans of Green’s video blogs, YouTube channels, Tumblr accounts, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds can be sure of one thing: He will keep us posted.

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Culture Q&A: Sarah Urist Green

“One of the reasons that this show has been fun to work on together is that it gives us an excuse to travel together,” she says of husband John Green. “I do the large majority of the work for the art assignment, and he shows up to film.”

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10 John Green Quotes That Didn't Fit in Our June Cover Story

“I really like Indianapolis. I like living in a city where real people do real work. I love our friends here. I just went to the BMV, and it was almost pleasurable. It’s almost something I would choose to do on a Tuesday—to go get a driver’s license.”

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Tweets of the Week: Delivery Bikers, John Green & More

Via @Hasselbeck, “Every time I get tested for steroids reminds me of the elderly lady at the airport that TSA pulls out of line for a pat down.”

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John Green Goes To the MTV Movie Awards

He should probably get used to the fame, as The Fault in Our Stars will surely be a juggernaut at next year’s MTV Movie Awards.

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Sarah Urist Green Has a New Frame of Mind

She hopes that The Art Assignment will help audience members broaden their own definition of art, demystify the art-making process, and prove that anybody can give it a try.