September 2014

Cafeteria Tray - September 2014
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Taste Test: Cafeteria Tray Chic

The ultimate school-cafeteria assortment, with items from Kim’s Kake Kreations & Bakery, Bru Burger Bar, Traders Point Creamery, Shoefly Public House, and more.

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Ask Me Anything: Mali Simone Jeffers

Says Jeffers, “I’m trying to move us past sprinkling people of color into a photo to really being more inclusive and having events that are relevant to more than one type of people.”

"30 for 30" Colts feature in Indianapolis Monthly.
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Colts Flashback: Monday Night Football's First Game in Indy

The Colts galloped out of the gate and quickly reduced the Broncos to horsemeat. Running back Eric Dickerson racked up 159 yards and four touchdowns in the first 19 minutes.

President Clinton
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Building Tomorrow: It Takes a Village

One summer, George Srour’s internship took him to Uganda. Now he leads a globally focused nonprofit organization and has Bill Clinton’s attention.

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Unspoken Rules of the Palladium

Jaguars and Land Rovers get free valet parking. Thank Tom Wood. Also: Book early for Michael Feinstein or Tony Bennett.

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Cracking Indiana's New Area Code

After 930 is introduced, Southern Indiana shouldn’t need another area code for at least 70 years.

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Robert Mathis Picks the Best Three Colts Comebacks

“It was a scene for No. 12,” Mathis says of one play by Andrew Luck. “He matured.” Luck is more modest: “That was a very fortunate bounce. We really don’t want that to happen again.”

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The Right Scruff: Best Beards in the Indy Beer Scene

“My beard is a little unruly,” says Central State Brewing’s Josh Hambright. “I’ve been told that I look like Rasputin.”

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99 Bottles (and Pints and Cans) of Beer on the Wall

However you swill your brew, chances are you like quite a few of those shown here, from pale ales to IPAs, oatmeal stouts to pilsners.

The North End Barbecue and Moonshine, September 2014
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Pit Boss: A Review of The North End Barbecue & Moonshine

Here, dry-rubbed ribs—of both the St. Louis spare and Memphis baby-back varieties—glide off the bone in big, porky mouthfuls.

September 2014 cover
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Editor's Note, September 2014: Beer!

I live within a 10-minute walk of three craft-beer establishments, including one that made our Best New Breweries list. This is an embarrassment of riches, especially after living in states that, at the time, boasted little beer beyond Bud.

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Colt Following: Four Memorable NFL Encounters

Besides Peyton Manning’s press conference announcing he was leaving the Colts, the only other televised event that ever preempted one of my high-school classes was Barack Obama’s first inauguration speech.

Hoosierist - HoosierStat, September 2014
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The Hoosierist Answers a Burning Question

The St. Elmo shrimp cocktail sauce is always hot, but I swear that some days it’s hotter than others. Is that possible?

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Phil Gulley's Advice to Restaurant Workers

As near as I can figure, I’ve eaten out at least 10,000 times. By the time you’ve done something that many times, you’re a professional.

Gary Brackett - September 2014 - Georgia Reese
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Gary Brackett's New Turf: Georgia Reese's Restaurant

The eatery, named after Brackett’s youngest daughter, joins the ranks of Kountry Kitchen and Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles, but Brackett says it’s not a competition.