September 2016

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At Home With Vintage

Bar carts, brass, and sunburst mirrors are still at the forefront of interior design this year, Vintage 54 Collective is prime scouting ground for furniture and home accents.

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Three Reasons You Should Shop Social Media

Here’s why you want to follow your favorite shops on social media. “We post new arrivals at 10 a.m. and sell hundreds within an hour.”

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How to Wear a Turtleneck

You’re going to be seeing turtlenecks everywhere again. Here’s how to properly wear them.

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Indy’s Best New Shops

Grab your purse and your car keys: If you aren’t already shopping at these recently arrived Indy gems, you’ll want to start now.

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Last Word: Deborah Paul on Nursing Home Dignity

I would have said he wiggled his youngest daughter’s toe to wake her for school, told her to say to cruel children who laughed at her big feet that she had “good under-standing.”

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Pop Star

“How about this: The wine cooler grows up.”

Empire Pizzeria
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Foodie Road Trip: Pie Hopes in Kirklin

Kirklin’s Empire Pizzeria offers top-shelf ingredients with culinary-school cred.

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Meet Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws

You won’t discover a wrestling superstar here. What you will find is a one-of-a-kind night of crowd-pleasing pomp usually reserved for the cheap seats at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Arsenal Tech printing press
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Backtrack: Arsenal Tech, A Mecca for Printers

Tiffany Benedict Browne of Historic Indianapolis remembers when Arsenal Tech was once a master printers’ mecca.

Gulley copy
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Phil Gulley: Grand Ambitions

“It’s odd that I feel such fondness for someone who drove me crazy while he was living, but time plays tricks on the memory, retaining the good, discarding the bad.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.03.36 AM
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Buoyant Mood: Midwestern Luxury at Destination Kohler

Kohler Waters Spa guests pitter-pat around in slippers and robes all day, sipping cucumber water and champagne.

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Open Door: Erin Welch’s Gallery Room

Erin Welch, owner of boutique 8 Fifteen, styles a cozy-chic lounge at her pad near Williams Creek.

David Harris The Mind Trust
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The Mind Trust’s Long Road to School Revolution

A local nonprofit has made Indy a national model for education reform—gaining unprecedented power along the way. But behind every success the group’s approach has helped fund lies a debate: Should outside parties have this much influence on public schools?

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The Hoosierist: An Airplane Race At The Speedway?

Fans will sit in the north vista as ground-hugging aircraft blast by at 200 miles per hour.

Juniper copy
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A Conversation with Tom and Kelley French, Authors of Juniper

“I would ask the doctors, ‘Will Juniper be normal? Will she go to kindergarten?’ They said they didn’t know.”