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Swoon List: Shapiro’s, Napolese, And More

We decided to go on a diet following the State Fair. It didn’t work.

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Swoon List: Burger Study, Cannon Ball Brewing Company, And More

Tis the season for matzo ball soup!

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Swoon List: Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, Shapiro’s, And More

A delicious collection of what we’re craving this week.

Unspoken Rules - Farmers Markets, August 2014
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The Feed: Original Farmers’ Market, Turano Baking Company, and More

Indy dining news this week includes the kick-off date of downtown’s Original Farmers’ Market, a Chicago bakery expanding to Indy, and the upcoming plans for a vacant Carmel restaurant space.

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What to Eat at Keystone at the Crossing?

While Keystone is a hotbed for popular national chains, there is a wealth of local dining options to fuel your shopping spree. Here, a few options that have been immortalized through Instagram.

Erikas Place Pot Roast Melt
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Lunch: Top of the Stack

Sandwiches have come a long way since Mom packed Wonder Bread ham-and-cheeses in our sack lunches. Those classic combos get reimagined at local spots with house-cured meats, imported ingredients, and housemade aiolis.