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7 New Details About Ikea Fishers

New details on the opening date, plus a sneak peek at the area’s most anticipated store opening in perhaps ever.

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A Bloomington Writer Just Killed Our Ikea Buzz

Will Fishers have to spend tax dollars to maintain order at Ikea?

54th and Monon
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Street Savvy: 54th And The Monon

We go weak in the knees for the The Gallery Pastry shop’s crumbly, ganache-filled French macarons.

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February Style File: Tech Accessories, Fira Boutique, MudLOVE, and more

Who doesn’t want a pair of cat-ear headphones?

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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Italian Bracelet

A beautiful piece of jewelry that fits nearly everyone.

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Take a Holiday Gift–Shopping Break at R & R

New event offers restorative fun in the midst of the holiday season.

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Good Pickin’s in Brown County

Come fall, the property at Kelp’s Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch becomes a russet-hued Bob Ross painting, with pumpkins and gourds arranged in tidy stacks according to shape, size, and color.

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Dachshund Races, Amy Schumer, and Cubs Games

Between weiner dogs at Germanfest and weiner jokes from Amy Schumer, we’ll be laughing our way to Monday.

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Hot List: Our Favorite Instagram Finds for Fall

Meet the cold-elbow sweater and a favorite designer handbag for fall.

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Tamika’s Goodbye, The Vonnegut Opera, and More

We’re looking forward to a weekend of Vonnegut opera, craft cocktail tours, and Home-A-Rama.

Wrigley Field
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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend In Indy: Flat 12 Beach-Themed Film Night, Virtually Scaling El Capitan, and Antiquing at Society of Salvage

Pearl Jam in Chicago, Chef’s Night Off, an al fresco movie night, and more.

Dan Hughes
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Home (Shopping) for the Holidays

From Indy to QVC, four home-shopping hosts celebrate their Hoosier roots.

Batman cape
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Superhero Capes

Wallet-friendly ways for kids to morph into caped crusaders

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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Two-Tone Watch

Gold and gray or black and brown—dual hues keep the leather watch of the minute.

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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Coloring Books

Coloring books are everywhere—even in the grocery check-out aisle—but you can do better with these local finds.