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Silverthorn Farm

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5 Best Farm Stores

Farmers markets are a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, but with so many vendors in one place, they can get a little overwhelming, too. Instead of hopping from table to table hunting down items at markets, go straight to the source. Switch up your farm-to-table shopping by visiting stores located directly on the […]

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Farm-to-Table Talk with Nate Parks & Alan Sternberg

The Silverthorn Farms owner takes Cerulean’s chef on a tour of his produce farm in Rossville.

Farm to Table
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Eating Homegrown: Ways to Enjoy the Produce Chefs Love

Three options for bringing the lush produce chefs use at local restaurants home to your kitchen

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Eating Homegrown: An Introduction

Almost every notable restaurant in town has one thing in common these days: a reliance on Hoosier farmers.