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Ersal Ozdemir’s 11th Hour

“We’re going to make one last run at it,” Ozdemir said of the Indy Eleven. “Something has to change.”

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How To Shop The Adidas Warehouse Sale

Three semis were unloaded Thursday, when the sale began, and there was more to hit the floor.

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Get Connected: Lion Catcher

Lion Catcher works to bring services into the neighborhood rather than making residents already strapped for time and money go to them.

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The Naysayer on Darrell Hazell

But for Head Coach Darrell Hazell personally, the win was even sweeter and I can truly empathize.

Pat McAfee and Andrew Luck
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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Pat McAfee, and Mari Hulman George

Andrew Luck, cover boy

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Overheard at Mass Ave's World Cup Block Party

While the U.S. Men’s National Team came up short in a 2-1 loss to Belgium, it was the passion and oddball quips of Indy sports fans that won the day.

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Time-Lapse Video: Mass Ave's World Cup Block Party

Take a look at our sped-up clip from Tuesday’s World Cup viewing party held downtown.

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Know Before You Go: Mass Ave’s World Cup Block Party

For one, know what’s at stake: If the Americans waffle against the Belgians, we’re toast.

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Wanted: Retro USA T-shirts

You can stand out from the cheering crowd with one of these red-and-blue–striped ringers from Indy-based The Brick Shirt House, emblazoned with either an old-school crest or “USA” in a retro-tastic font.

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Loud and Proud: Indy's World Cup Fans

The World Cup comes just two months after the debut of the Indy Eleven. While the world’s game has long struggled to find permanent footing stateside, interest in the sport has been rekindled.

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Overheard at the Indy Eleven Game

A phrase repeated a few times during the contest: “Give it to the IU guys!”

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Short of the Goal: A Soccer Hopeful, Murdered

What Daniel Foster knows for sure is that by 2:15 a.m., his brother lay in the club’s parking lot, blood seeping from his ear.

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Indy Eleven to Broadcast Weekly Radio Show on ESPN 1070

“Soccer, whether it’s an inferiority complex or whatever, has never had the traditional media platforms,” says team president Peter Wilt. “To finally have one like that in Indiana is unique.”

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Hot-Button Issues: Paying To Play

Virtually no city official wants to lose a pro franchise on his or her watch—especially with a bid to host another Super Bowl in 2018 still in play.

Juergen Sommer
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Indy: America's Newest Soccer Town?

Inside the cavernous Lucas Oil Stadium, amid a sea of 40,000 chanting fans watching the venue’s first soccer match, two different contests were unfolding.