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Sports Illustrated

Illustration of a red chair laying sideways on an empty basketball court. Man (Coach Knight) is shown from the back walking out of the gym.
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Throwing In The Chair: What’s Up With Bob Knight?

“I do remember that he was swearing after we went off air,” recalls one of Knight’s former ESPN broadcast crew members. “Something or other was always pissing him off.”

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Ask Me Anything: Jon Wertheim

“I’m a restless IU fan. To be fair, I think people forget where the program was when Crean got there. But if Brad Stevens availed himself, if he was more forthcoming about expressing an interest in the job, that would make me very happy.”

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The Replay: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Larry Bird

A look back at the emotional range of Colts fans during the saga through the prism of—what else?—Kanye West GIFs. Also, Andrew Luck gets roasted by Matt Hasselbeck and Deadspin’s Drew Magary.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Joe Namath, and Juergen Sommer

Andrew Luck’s ‘stache might have a PETA problem.

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The Replay: ‘The Deflator,’ Tom Brady, and ‘Jon Grady’

Need to lose extra pounds (or a starting QB)? The Patriots explain how.

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The Replay: Paul George, Tamika Catchings, and Bob Knight

Thirty years ago this week, Bob Knight threw a chair. We remember.

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The Replay: Boilers, Bob Knight, and Jim Irsay

Bragging rights go to Purdue.

Comedian John Belushi rocking the Bumble Bee character in 1975.
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The Replay: Dungy and Dog Ghosts, Pacers, and a Marathon Man

SI and GQ stuff the Pacers, Tony Dungy tweets his wisdom, Hinkle prepares to show off its makeover, and more.

John Bragg
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Bragging Rights: Indy Photographer Shoots New SI Cover

Assuming that Andrew Luck would show up sporting his famous neckbeard, John Bragg prepped for the event by inviting his hirsute buddies into the studio for trial runs to see how the lighting would play on their whiskers.

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Whose Kids Posed With Oladipo on Sports Illustrated Cover?

Usually we can’t take our eyes off of Victor Oladipo, but today we couldn’t help wondering which lucky kids got the honor of surrounding him on the Sports Illustrated cover. Dustin Dopirak of The Hoosier Scoop tells us that most of the covermates are IU athletes, and tweets from IU athletic departments confirmed the appearance of baseball, soccer, football, and volleyball players and a (swollen-eyed) wrestler.

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SI's Jon Wertheim Shows Soft Spot for Hoosiers

If you’ve followed Sports Illustrated senior writer Jon Wertheim closely over the years, you might suspect that he has more than a passing interest in Indiana University basketball.