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Studio C

A generous portion of white fish over a light brown transluscent broth of dashi and kimchi
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Swoon: Studio C

Sea bass over kimchi at Studio C.

Bags of Tinker Street Coffee displayed artfully on shelves
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The Feed: Tinker Coffee, Garcia’s Hot Dog Cart, and More

Tinker Coffee named best cup in Indiana.

A woman prepares coffee behind the high wooden counter at a barbershop.
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April’s First Bite

Catch a buzz while getting a buzz cut at Commissary Barber & Barista.

A sheet pan lined with white sandwich paper with a cheeseburger and green pickle spear.
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The Feed: Rebar’s Second Life

The downtown beer bar’s new owner is a Florida native who opened Miles Square Bistro in 2017 and worked at The Vanguard.

An orange puree of sweet potatoes serves as a bed to roasted vegetables.
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Swoon List: OP Italian, Studio C, And More

A couple of newcomers highlight this week’s lineup.

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The Feed: Greg Hardesty’s Studio C

At his new mixed-use space, Greg Hardesty is the chef, coffee maker, culinary instructor, and go-to source for hard-to-find ingredients.

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Introducing Greg Hardesty’s Studio C

“Because that’s all I’ve ever really cared about. It’s never been about money or fame, just how good I can get at this craft of cooking.”

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The Feed: New Directions For Chefs Greg Hardesty And Craig Baker

Stay tuned for more details on Greg Hardesty’s mysterious new venture, Studio C.