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Sun King Brewery

Awesome Derby.
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The New Indy Must-Do List: 26 Experiences to Try

No doubt, Indy has quite an array of intriguing things to explore, but here are 26 of the city’s most noteworthy musts.

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50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Beer Gear

What to buy the Sun King worshipper: a one-size-fits-all sweater. For the beer.

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Empire of the Sun Kings

Being one of the “it” guys does have its downside. Haters, says Robinson, want to hate. “I’ve stood next to people—who didn’t know who I was—while they talked shit about my beer,” he says.

Sunlight Cream Ale
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Taste Test: IM Drinks Sun King on the Job

Reading Michael Rubino’s Sun King feature in the October issue made us thirsty—so we took our growlers to the brewery and got fill-ups of all the current offerings. And we asked Dave Colt, Sun King’s head brewer, to lead the tasting.

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Review: Tavern on South

Given the stranglehold sports fans have on this town, as well as a certain big game Indy expects to host next winter, it’s surprising that the two-story brick storefront near the industrial corner of South and Minnesota streets remained untapped as long as it did. Little more than 100 feet from Lucas Oil Stadium, Tavern on South is a spiffy surprise—a sportingly handsome spot where your game-day eats might be drizzled with a shagbark hickory–soy syrup or arrive with a side of pistachio couscous.