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Super Bowl 46

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Indy's Competitive Hospitals Get Along Through MESH

In cases of mass emergency, Managed Emergency Surge for Healthcare (MESH) helps Indianapolis-area facilities train for and coordinate with each other during pressing situations such as the three noted here.

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Super Bowl, Six Months Since

Monday, Aug. 6, marked the six-month anniversary of our collective Super Bowl hangover. It seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it? Come to think of it, wasn’t the weather the same yesterday as it was that whole week in February? Remember the abundant and unnatural global-warming sunshine? That ZipLine? Those adorable football-shaped cake pops at Peyton’s party?

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Guy Fieri Hearts Indy

Last week May Madness reported that celeb chef Guy Fieri was rumored to be leading the pack of potential pace-car drivers for this year’s Indy 500, and IMS officials confirmed it with an announcement today.

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Bowled Over: Media & Famous Types Love on Indy

The plaudits are all in: Indy is the big winner of Super Bowl XLVI.

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Bowled Over: By the Numbers

The big game is in our rearview mirror, but some final figures and results are in now:

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Madonna: 'I Was Relying on Gladiators from Indiana'

Mercifully losing the British accent (for good?), Madonna spoke with–of all people–Ryan Seacrest in what is actually a very fun, informative conversation on L.A. station KIIS-FM about her Super Bowl XLVI halftime show, Indianapolis, and more.

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Katy Perry Shakes It Up at The Libertine

The approachable yet amplified bar played host to droves of Super Bowl visitors, including dozens of A-listers.

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Viewpoint: In Defense of M.I.A.'s Middle Finger at Halftime

If we’re going to pillory hip-hop sensation M.I.A.—and plenty of folks have done so since she flipped the bird while performing with Madonna Sunday night—we had better consider what that reaction implies. In a word: sexism. Plain and simple. Hear me out before bringing on the bromides.

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Indy's Super Bowl Social Media Prowess: Bar None

Update, Feb. 7: The social media command center for Super Bowl XLVI has been termed an “enormous success.”

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Wise Words

Scotty’s Brewhouse owner Scott Wise is catering for 200 people over at Jimmy Fallon’s place tonight, capping a Super Bowl media blitz that included a shout-out from Fallon’s band on the show and a cameo on The Today Show yesterday. Our favorite Scotty’s moment came Friday, when Wise held court in the Bartender Wisdom spotlight on In it, he revealed his dislike of whiskey and baked beans. And he tactfully abstained from over-hyping Indy as the Portland of the Midwest. “Indiana’s Indiana. We’re known for a two-and-a-half-mile track and Reggie Miller against the Knicks,” quoth the (okay, we’ll just say it) handsome, Henley-shirted 38-year-old. If only he had begun that sentence with a “Hey girl.”

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Party Band LMFAO transforms Indy into "Jersey Shore"

No one was sorry for party rocking in Indy late Friday evening as LMFAO stormed the Verizon Stage. (Well, maybe these 13 people were sorry.) The performance had all the elements of a “Jersey Shore” marathon on MTV, from teased hair to the very “JS” theme song itself (“Get Crazy”).

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Jon Hamm: Caught Slipping into Playboy Party

Jon Hamm tried to slip past the red carpet at the Playboy party unnoticed last night. But we ran him down. “Don Draper” looked dapper but downtempo. This Super City reporter got the Mad Men hunk to stop for an on-the-run snap by calling out his recent segment on the podcast Sklarbro Country, with the comedians Randy and Jason Sklar, who hail from Hamm’s hometown of St. Louis.

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Super Show: En Vogue's Funky Divas Still Have It

Nineties R&B fans swooned at the sights and sounds of En Vogue’s performance in Super Bowl Village on Friday afternoon. The ladies donned smart black bedazzled outfits and winning smiles while performing their biggest hits to an adoring crowd.

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Outtakes from the Playboy Red Carpet

Scattered shots here on sights and sounds at Playboy’s Super Bowl party on Friday night:

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Retired Athletes Pre-Party for Charity

A handful of famous retired athletes pre-partied for a cause at Indianapolis Colts Grille early Friday evening. Spotted at the “Big Game Big Give” event, a fundraiser for The Giving Back Fund, were Marshall Faulk, the Hall of Fame running back and NFL Network analyst (and one-time Colts star), big-armed ex-quarterback Warren Moon (the first African-American signal caller elected to the pro football HOF) , and popular former Pacer Derrick McKey.