A large drinking glass filled with ice cream, marshmallow, strawberries, and other toppings.
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Taste Test: Sweet Treats With Cereal

Wake up to cereal-trimmed sweets and cocktails.

A gentleman wearing an apron works in a busy pastry kitchen.
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Foodie: Gallery Pastry Shop’s Ben Hardy

A second Gallery Pastry Shop means longer hours for chef Ben Hardy, even more stunning macarons for us.

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At-Home Baking Tips From Local Pastry Chefs

Easy pro tips to try at home.

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Our Valentine’s Day Cupcake Guide

Eleven years ago, The Flying Cupcake jump-started Indy’s cupcake craze.

Owner Gwendolyn Rogers of Cake Bake Shop
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The Cake Bake Shop

“It’s not about the cake or the pie. It’s about creating a place where people can have an experience together as a family and make a good memory that will last forever.”

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Unspoken Rules: Long’s Bakery

Wait out the morning crunch and risk finding your faves sold out. Solution: Call the day before and preorder a box.

Bloomington Week of Chocolate
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Day Trip: Bloomington Week of Chocolate

Bloomington’s Week of Chocolate festivities atone for indulgence by benefiting charity.

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Unjust Desserts: Deborah Paul Decries Doughnuts

Are people wandering the streets muttering “I wish I had a doughnut,” and a score of doughnut shops appear? Or do the stores come first?